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Rail Network

The electrification of the rail system is expanding at the fastest pace in its history, bringing opportunities and challenges to Network Rail, contractors and the customers and neighbours of the system.

Electrification brings the additional challenge of providing a reliable infrastructure for the operation of the service. Not only introducing a significant level of monitoring and control equipment, being a mixture of electronic, electrical and mechanical, but ensuring its consistent operation within the constraint of limited physical access if needed. Electrification can also disrupt adjacent and neighbouring properties through cable and airborne transmission, causing a nuisance or, unknowingly, breaking legal and code-of-practice regulations.

Network Rail leads the drive for greater reliability on its existing and expanding system. With advice from specialist consultants, research into problem areas and a wealth of experience, the system needs to collect, collate and implement data and solutions from top-down and bottom-up levels. The volume of data and analysis will require not only and efficient data management system but a highly skilled labour force able to constantly improve as new systems and equipment are introduced.

Apex Engineers can be part of the solution. We offer a range of electrical test and investigation equipment that specifically address:

•               Overhead line testing

•               Commissioning and testing

•               Switch yards and substations

•               Corona partial discharge

•               IEC61850 interactive testing

                Primary and secondary testing

•               AC and DC transmission lines

•               High impedance to electronic tests

·         EMI (electro-magnetic interference) complaints

Equipment can record operations and test, replay and repeat previous tests, integrate with standard data management system and thus provide a valuable tool to test, investigate, learn and improve to the benefit of operators, management and customers.

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