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Transmission & Distribution

Transmission and Distribution (T&D) is at the forefront of implementing new ways to deliver a reliable and consistent electricity supply whilst facing many political, legal, economic and technological challenges.

As the mix of generation and balancing of the supply changes, new opportunities are created for companies keen to employ the latest techniques. While Smart Grids require greater coordination of control across the network, the maintenance of the existing assets and their replacement and upgrade needs more testing, commissioning and sharing of data by all involved.

We find more organisations are involved in T&D networks, be they National Grid, DNO's, contractors or private network installers, leading to more operatives and teams being field-based. Staff at all levels need access (sometimes instant) to asset maintenance support, assistance on correct procedures and equipment operation, and confirmation of successful tests and commissioning. Hence, employers need to ensure specialist advice and good reporting tools are provided, encouraging operatives to stay up-to-date on techniques and all within a safe working environment.

Apex Test can offer both the specialist test and maintenance equipment along with the expert advice required to help you to select, use and make best use of it. This enables you to improve your service commitments and lower your operating costs whilst providing training and guidance for your specialist staff.

If you operate within the following areas of T&D we can help discuss your needs and requirements:

•           Overhead line testing

•           Commissioning and testing

•           Switch yards and substations

•           Corona partial discharge

•           IEC61850 interactive testing

            Primary and secondary testing

•           AC and DC transmission lines

•           High impedance to electronic tests

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